Airline and hotel fees to Russian host cities sky-rocket ahead of the 2018 World Cup tournament

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Air fees from Moscow to the cities that will host the 2018 World Cup have sky-rocketed. The hike in fees by airlines is attributed to the growing demand for flight to host cities, following the FIFA launch of the second phase of World Cup ticket sales which started November 16, 2017.

Air fares are expected to increase as much as 40 percent on some routes for dates during the World Cup. For example, tickets from Moscow to St. Petersburg now cost approximately 6,000 rubles ($101). However, for the World Cup final match on July 15, 2018 the same route is expected to cost about 10,370 rubles ($175). Similarly, it will cost 42 percent more to fly from Moscow to Kazan (another) host city during the World Cup.

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