The 1st China-Nigeria Governors’ Investment Forum will take place in Guangzhou, China on 13 -14 April, 2017. The Forum, which is the initiative of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) and the Consulate-General of Nigeria in Guangzhou, China, is in furtherance to the state visit by President Muhammadu BUHARI to China in April, 2016. The Forum gives the organizers an opportunity to provide an update on Nigeria’s economy that would allow Chinese investors to better understand ongoing efforts aimed at achieving economic diversification and recovery in Nigeria. Sixteen State governors will be participating at the Forum.

  1. The Forum has been purposefully designed to create a platform where Nigerian states seeking investment in several sectors of the economy can showcase such areas while networking and exchanging ideas and lessons with Chinese government officials, as well as private investors seeking to carry partnerships with the states.
  2. For the benefit of our Chinese partners, the Consulate-General of Nigeria would like to emphasize that the Nigerian Government is focused on improving and expanding infrastructure, and transforming Nigeria from a consuming to a producing nation. This is a big call, and requires that the Nigerian Government develops enduring partnerships with friendly countries like the People’s Republic of China in such areas like technology transfer and investment capital. Given Nigeria’s large market and resource endowment, this is a partnership with a win-win outcome.
  3. The Nigerian Government takes the issue of economic revitalization very seriously, and will grant incentives to encourage investments in the priority sectors listed in the recently released Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP). The Plan is focused on achieving macroeconomic stability, transforming agriculture, driving sufficiency in energy, improving transportation infrastructure, and growing industrialization with attention on small and medium scale enterprises.
  4. Chinese investors are being invited to take advantage of the various business opportunities that would be available at the Special Economic Zones being established in various parts of Nigeria under the ERGP scheme. The zones, which would serve as manufacturing hubs, would be equipped with the necessary infrastructural facilities to support business and industrial activities.
  1. Meanwhile, the Federal Government is currently implementing measures and accelerating actions that are geared towards delivering on policies that would facilitate the ‘Ease of Doing Business’ in Nigeria. This is essential as ‘Ease of Doing Business’ has become a critical benchmark for assessing the competitiveness of national economies. The government has put in place various initiatives to facilitate the ease of doing business in Nigeria, the implementation plan of which is being tracked over the next 60 days to improve business operations in Nigeria.
  2. The participating governors will also be attending the Canton International Trade which opens on 15th April, 2017.


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