I wish to welcome you to the Website of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the Russian Federation. Our Website will provide you with comprehensive information about the activities of the Embassy in enhancing Nigeria’s national interests as well as promoting cordial relations with the government and people of the Russian Federation.

In 1960, diplomatic relations were established between Nigeria and the former Soviet Union. Since then, bilateral economic cooperation and political dialogues have been robust. This was underscored by the signing of six bilateral agreements between Nigeria and Russia on 24th June, 2009 during the official visit of the former Russian President, H.E. Dmitry Medvedev to Abuja. The agreements cover cooperation in the field of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes; Integration between the Nigerian and Russian Ministries of Justice; exploration of outer space for peaceful purposes as well as the Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (IPPA). The Embassy has concurrent accreditation to the Republic of Belarus.

We have included a welter of information about the limitless economic and investment opportunities as well as information to keep you abreast with all aspects of life and development in Nigeria. Links to a host of worthwhile websites have been added.

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