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Our Current Address:

5 Mamonovsky Pereulok .123001,  Moscow, Russian Federation

5 Мамоновский переулок 123001, Москва, Россия

Tel.:+7 (495) 690 3785
+7 (495) 690 3783
Fax.:+7(495) 956 2825

Consular Section

The Embassy provides  the following Consular Services

1. Issuance of International Passports to Nigerians.

2. Issuance of Visas

3. Issuance of ETCs

4. Authentication of Police Character Certificates from Nigeria.

5. Issuance of Marriage related documents.

 6. Authentification of Marriage Certificates.

 7. Legalization of Company documents.

 8. Legalization of Age declaration documents.

 9. Letters of support/Identification/Confirmation/Non-Objection.

 10. Registration of children

  11. Business Registration.



1. Legalization at M.F.A

2.Copy of International Passport

3.Completed Consular Form

$20:00  One Working Day  

Authentication of Company Document

1. Legalization at M.F.A

2. Copy of Intern.Passport

3.Completed Consular Form



One Working Day  

1. Police Report

2. Ticket

3. Passport No.

$130:00  One Working Day  
Renunciation Nil Nil Nil  

1. Legalization at M.FA

2. Copy of Passport

$20:00 One Working Day  
Consular Letter

1. Copy of Passport

2. Requesst Letter from the Applicant

$20:00 One Working Day  
Tourist Visa/Vistor Visa

1. Valid Passport

2. Evidence of Sufficient Fund

3. Return Ticket

$84:00 24 hrs  
Business Visa

1. Letter of Invitation Accepting Immigration Responsiblities

2. Valid Passport

3. Evidence of Payment

4. Two (2) Passport Size Photos

$84:00  24 hrs  
Official/Diplomatic Visa

1. Valid Passport

2. Note Verbal

3. Two (2) Passport Size Photos

GRATIS 24  hrs  
STR Visa

1. Formal Application Accepting Immigration Responsibilities

2. Valid Quota

3.Evidence of Qualification

4. Employment Letter

5. Acceptance of Offer of Employment

$120:00  24 hrs  
TWP Visa

1. Cablegrame from the Office of CGIS Abuja

2. Certificate of Incorporation

3. Letter of Invitation Accepting Immigration Responsiblities

4. Two (2) Passport Size Photos

$120:00 24 hrs  
Visa on Arrival

1. Application from Sponsor and CGIS Approval

2. Evidence of Payment

3. Data Page of Passports

4. Two (2) Passport Size Photos

$84:00 2-3 Working Days  
Transit Visa

1. Valid Visa for Onward Destination

2. Confirmed onward Ticket

3. Evidence of Sufficient Fund

$104:00  24 hrs  


 The  Embassy wishes to inform the general public that, effective from 15th August, 2016 Consular Service charges are paid directly into the Bank with the Following Details:






Account Number: 4080 7840 6000 5000 0712

БИК: 044525187

к/с №  301 01810 7 0000 0000187 в ГУ Банка Росси по ЦФО

ОГРН 1027 7396 09391

KПП 783 501 001

ОКПО 003 2520

However, it should be noted that services paid for will ONLY be rendered after confirmation of payment by the Embassy.

 Attention, please:

Invitation lettters for visa application should be sent by courier services to the Embassy via: 123001 Moscow, Mamonovsky Per 5, Embassy of Nigeria.

  Application Day Application Time Collection Time
Consular Services

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Tuesdays & Thursdays
no consular services

10:00  –16:00pm

13:00 to 14:00 - break period

10.00 -12.30 submission

14.00 -16.00 collection

 Консульские услуги

Понедельник Среда Пятница

Вторник Четверг приема нет

10:00 –16:00pm

13.00- 14.00 перерыв

10.00 - 12.30 подача документов

          14,00 - 16 ,00 получение документов

NOTE: Admittance into the Embassy for Consular Services is from 10 am to 1 pm. Further admittance will be from 2 pm to 3 pm, after which the Embassy  will be closed for Consular Services on Consular Days.

Inquiries 8 495 690 3785    Информация 8 495 6903785



It is highly recommended that all Nigerian citizens, including children residing in Russia, register with the Embassy.

  • Duly completed Registration Form (downloadable form will soon be available)
  • Two(2) Passport Photographs
  • International Passport

CONSULAR CARD    ( suspended )


  • Letter of Application for Child Registration
  • Birth Certificate issued by the city office of your residence
  • International Passport
  • Registration of birth for children Fee 20. USD
  • Duly completed Consular Service form


The attention of the general public is brought to the following:


(1)     A person who-

(a)     Has, holds or is in unauthorized possession of more than one valid standard Nigerian passport,

(b)     Unlawfully alters, tampers with or mutilates any passport or any page thereof,

(c)      Knowingly makes or causes to be made any false statement for the purpose of procuring a passport whether for himself or for another person,

(d)      Submits multiple applications forms to one or more passport offices with the intention of obtaining multiple passport,

(e)      Knowingly conceals , hides from or fails to disclose to the proper authorities the loss of a passport,

(f)        Acts as a broker at or in the vicinity of any  passport office or elsewhere, for the procurement of a passport,

(e)      Knowingly conceals , hides from or fails to disclose to the proper authorities the loss of a passport,

(f)        Acts as a broker at or in the vicinity of any  passport office or elsewhere, for the procurement of a passport,

(g)      Forges or traffics in passports or holds or is in possession of any forged passport knowing the same to be forged, or

(h)      Attempts ,aids, abets, counsels, procures , connives or conspires with any other person to do any of the acts mentioned in this subsection ,

Commits an offence and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term of ten flO) years or a fine of Two (2) million naira or both.



      This is to inform the general public that all payments for the issuance of Nigerian passports should be made online via:


2.   Applicants are warned against making cash payments to any person(s). Requests for cash payments should immediately be reported to Mr. Dankadai Nura Bello , Minister Counsellor (Consular and Education ) on the following telephone numbers:

        i.     +7 495 690 3783

        ii.    +7 495 6903785

        iii.  +7 495 690 3789

3.   We Appeal to the public for cooperation to assist the Embassy in providing seamless service to Nigerians.

Embassy of Nigeria
17th February, 2017 

NOTE:The Nigerian Embassy, Moscow, Russian Federation has commenced issuance of passports to applicants.
The manual extension of passports in the Embassy is no longer possible.
Passport applicants are advised to carefully follow the instructions on how to apply and provide the required documents and be physically present in passport office of the Embassy for enrollment.
For passport enquiry, e-mail: passportofficemoscow@gmail.com for prompt attention.
For visas, emergency travel certificate (ETC) enquiry,email..immigrationofficemoscow@gmail.com for prompt attention

Sample for Passport Extension


category of passport applications

(i).Fresh application. (ii).Re-issue application based on expiration/exhaustion. (iii)Re-issue application based on lost cases.

(ia)Fresh application (Adult:18 yrs and above and Nigerians in possession of passports other than e-passport)  (Requirements)

(a).Duly Completed on line application form.

(b).On line payment slip with Nigeria Immigration Service logo (3 copies)

(c).On line payment acknowledgement copy.

(d).Completed guarantor forms with the guarantor’s

                (i) one Passport size photograph.

                (ii) Photocopy of data page of valid e-passport. (Compulsory)

                (iii)Photocopy of valid driver’s licence and or

                (iv)National identification card

                (e).Evidence of birth (birth certificate or declaration of age)

                 (f).State of origin certificate or local government certificate

                 (g) 3 passport size photographs

(ib.)Fresh application-Minor 3days-17 yrs (Requirements)

                     (a) Duly completed online application form.

                     (b) Online payment slip with Nigeria Immigration Service logo.(3 copies)

                     (c) Online payment acknowledgement form.

                     (d) Birth certificate.

                      (e) Photocopy of the data page of the father’s valid e-passport.

                       (f) 3 passport size photographs

                       (g)  A letter of consent from the father of the applicant authorising Immigration Service to issue passport to the applicant (specify the name in the letter)  and it must be duly signed by the writer (father).The letter should be addressed to:

                                       The Immigration Attache,

                                       Immigration section,

                                       Nigerian Embassy, Moscow.

.(II) Re-issuance of passport based on expiration/exhaustion. (Requirements)


  1. Duly completed online application form.
  2. Online payment slip with Nigeria Immigration Service logo.(3 copies)
  3.  Online payment acknowledgement form.
  4. Colour photocopy of the data page of the expired/exhausted passport.
  5. The expired/exhausted e-passport for sighting.
  6. Application for re-issue of expired/exhausted passport to be addressed to:

           The Comptroller-General,

            Nigeria Immigration Service,

            Airport Road, Abuja.

            Attention: ACG Passport

  1. 3 Passport photographs.

NOTE: In filling out the online application form and the online payment slip, name and date of birth of applicants must be the same with the ones on the last e-passport that is already in the Nigeria Immigration Service data base. This passport section of Nigerian Embassy does not have the authority to effect changes in the data of applicants. Any inconsistency in applicant information would stall further processing of application unless new payment is done online on the correct name and date of birth.


(III)Re-issuance lost passport (Requirements).

       sample application

  1. Formal handwritten/typed application to be addressed to:

                                 The Comptroller-General,

                                 Nigeria Immigration Service

                                 Airport Road, Abuja.

                                 ATTENTION: ACG Passport, Abuja.

       b   Colour photocopy of the lost passport or its correct Number.

  1. Police report about the lost passport.
  2. 2 passport photographs.
  3. Duly completed online passport application forms.


In swift response to the spate of requests by students for the renewal of passports with more than six (6) Months validity, the Comptroller-General of Nigeria Immigration Service has graciously approved the re-issuance of passports with validity period not exceeding twelve (12) Months. In other words, if the validity of any standard Nigerian Passport is twelve (12) Months or less, it is renewable by the passport office of Nigerian Embassy, Moscow on application.

For students with special requests for re-issuance of passports that the validity is more than twelve (12) Months, each case shall be forwarded to the Comptroller-General for consideration based on its merit. Such Passport application shall only be issued after approval has been given by the Comptroller-General.

Affected students are to fill the application request form designed below and attach the following documents;

1. Colour photocopy of data page of Passport.

2. Relevant visa/Resident permit

3. Relevant Russian Immigration laws requesting for the passport re-issuance.

Forward these scanned documents and the form to any of the underlisted email address to enable this Embassy forward same with Embassy covering letter and response of the Comptroller-General of Immigration shall be communicated to you via the e-mail addresses.

passportofficemoscow@gmail.com  or immigrationofficemoscow@gmail.com .

NOTE: Do not make any online payment in respect of this application until approval to issue the passport is secured from the Comptroller-General of Immigration Service in Abuja. For convenience, applicants can forward the hard copies of these documents listed above to:

                               The  Immigration Attache,

                               Immigration Section,Nigerian Embassy

                              5,Mamonovsky pereulok,

                              123001,Moscow, Russia.

Payment shall only be made after approval to issue the application has been secured from the Comptroller-General in Abuja. Passport applicants for lost cases are strongly advised to confirm the status of their application and secure confirmation of the Comptroller-General of Nigeria Immigration Service in Abuja’s approval from authorised persons before physical appearance at the Nigerian Embassy for enrolment. For further enquires, contact the passport office via e-mail passportofficemoscow@gmail.com      


Passport fee has been categorised according to ages .please ,check from NIS WEB address=www.immigration.gov.ng


Administration of Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC).

Issuance of ETC shall strictly be on ground of emergency where issuance of e-passport is impossible. Applicants shall produce the following documents before being issued ETC.

  1. Formal application of request for Emergency Travel Certificate giving reasons.
  2. Duly completed application form
  3.  The photocopy of the last Passport or number and the name on which it was issued (this shall be confirmed on line)
  4. Evidence of Nigerian citizenship (state of origin, local government identification in Nigeria, Nigerian national identification card etc)
  5. Confirmed flight reservation with departure date within the one month validity of the certificate from the date of issue.
  6. Name clearly written in Russian Language


Applicants must be careful in filling out online application forms and payment slips with their correct names, dates of birth and other information as the passport system has been synchronised in all the stages of passport production to make correction/imputation of letter(s)/figure(s) afterwards. Unfortunately, if this occurs, fresh online payment shall be required to continue the application processing.

With the flag off of passport section and officers at the Nigerian Embassy Moscow, manual extension of the validity of e-passport shall henceforth not be offered to holders of Nigerian e-passports. Nigerians are advised to apply and procure their passports instead.




Nigerians marrying Russians are always requested by the Russian authorities to provide document(s) to indicate legal capacity to contract marriage, for this purpose, the Embassy issues:

  1. Affidavit of Bachelohood or spinsterhood from a High Court and legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nigeria and receipt of legalization fee. 
  2. Valid passport data pages of the applicant and his fiancee
  3. Name clearly written in Russian Language
  4. Duly completed Consular Service form
  5. Fee $40




  • Photocopy of valid Nigerian standart passport and 2 photograph
  • A sworn affidavit of age declaration from a High Court legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nigeria and receipt of legalization fee.
  • fee  $20


  • Application letter to the Embassy.
  • Photocopy of Nigerian Passport.
  • Admission letter from University of study.
  • Name clearly written in Russian Language.
  • Fee $20


  • Letter of Application
  • Two passport photographs
  • Photocopy of valid data page of Nigerian Passport
  • Any other document that can proove identity - drivers licence, etc.
  • fee $20


  • Letter of Application indicating the purpose
  • Photocopy of Nigerian Passport
  • fee $ 20


  • Police report with finger prints legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nigeria and receipt of legalization fee. 
  • Photocopy of valid data page of Nigerian standard passport
  • Photocopy of Russian Visa
  • Consular fee: $20
  • Name clearly written in Russian Language


  • Duly completed Consular Service form
  • Certificates issued in Nigeria must be legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nigeria before before it is accepted by the Embassy.
  • School Certificates issued in Russia must be legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia before it is accepted by the Embassy. 
  • Two(2) passport photographs
  • Documents to be authenticated
  • fee $20

Nigerian entrepreneurs in Russia are invited to register their Business/Companies with the Economic and Trade Section of the Embassy. This is to facilitate the establishment of a data bank to serve the interest of the registered companies in the ongoing Nigeria/Russian Chamber of Commerce.